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High-quality heating and air conditioning systems are vital for Mokena, IL, residents. The proper system will keep you and your home cool during summer and warm during those cold winter months.

Are you experiencing air conditioning problems? Mokena residents can call the Lincoln Way Heating and Cooling team for expert repair and installation services. Call (815) 905-8268 today!

The appropriate air conditioner also improves indoor air quality and prevents nasty pests or mold from infesting your Mokena home.

Unfortunately, while air conditioning systems are very resilient, issues may still occur. Whether you need a quick repair, need to resolve an extensive maintenance issue, or want to replace your entire unit, our professional technicians can help.

Our business provides cost-effective repair and installation solutions for Mokena, IL, residential homes and their HVAC systems. From initial troubleshooting to your total unit repair or replacement, we proudly provide transparent, quality service

HVAC Services Mokena

Our Many HVAC Services in Mokena, IL

Lincoln Way happily offers complete HVAC systems services. Our HVAC contractors provide the same service quality, regardless of the home or project. Our many services include:

Our Mokena, IL, customers know they can trust our technicians to handle all their HVAC service needs. From implementing preventative measures to repairing defective equipment or having us manage your new air conditioner installation process, put your trust in our team.

Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner Repair

An air conditioning unit’s lifespan is typically between ten and 12 years. Beyond this period, Mokena homeowners often need more frequent and expensive air conditioning repairs. Besides costing more for repairs, a malfunctioning air conditioning unit can drastically increase energy bills and reduce your home’s overall comfort. However, an installed unit doesn’t need to be at the end of its lifespan to cause issues. Whether your unit is brand new or several years old, signs you may need our repair or new installation service includes:
  • Odd Noises: An air conditioner contains many moving parts that work together to keep your family cool and comfortable. A defective part might be likely if you hear rattling, grinding, banging, or screeching inside your air conditioning unit.
  • Strange smells: Strange smells from any part of your HVAC system may indicate a buildup of substances like pet dander or dust. In this scenario, cleaning or replacing your air filter may eliminate the issue. A burning smell, however, could be a sign of a wiring problem or electrical damage.
  • Reduced airflow: A properly functioning Mokena, IL, cooling system should produce consistent heat and cold. If you’re noticing reduced airflow or inconsistent cold or heat spots throughout your home, your ductwork is the problem, or your air conditioner needs repairing.
  • Skyrocketing energy bills: Your energy bills will increase during summer and winter. Likewise, your energy bills will also rise if you have more people in your home. However, unexplained hikes often mean your cooling system requires repair or better maintenance.

Determining whether you need a repair or replacement ultimately depends on which option is the most cost-effective.

What's Our HVAC System Repair Process?

At Lincoln Way, our HVAC technicians follow a step-by-step process to ensure we properly install or repair your heating and air conditioning system. Our business works by building relationships with all of our customers.

Our goal isn’t to sell the latest equipment when you don’t need it but to provide long-lasting AC service. Our four-step process includes:

  1. Initial consultation and inspection: After scheduling an appointment with us, one of our technicians will come to your Mokena home and inspect your HVAC system. Our team will then recommend the right service needed to repair or replace your air conditioning system. Our transparent pricing means you won’t have any hidden fees.
  2. Quick same-day service: Once our customers agree to our price, we can immediately start implementing our AC repair services. Most services only take a day to complete.
  3. Testing your air conditioning system: Our service also includes testing your cooling system to ensure it functions correctly after our repair service. During this time, we also take the time to answer any of your questions.
  4. Giving you peace of mind: We want to provide our customers peace of mind following every repair service. Every product we install, repair, or replace comes with a ten-year warranty on parts and a one-year labor warranty.

What Does Our Full Diagnostic Test Include?

When diagnosing your air conditioning problem, our Mokena, IL, team does the following:

  • Rigorously inspect your evaporator coils, coil fins, and filters
  • Ensure your thermostat is properly functioning
  • Examine your ductwork for any potential issues
  • Search for any refrigerant or duct leaks
  • Test your blower belt and motor’s functionality
  • Test your coolant’s quality

Our service also includes regular inspections that ensure your air conditioner continues to work for years to come. From a quick repair to large-scale restoration, our Lincoln Way team can do it all.

Our Indoor Air Quality Service

Our heating and cooling services also improve your Mokena, IL home’s indoor air quality. Whether you have a traditional air conditioner or a ductless mini split, our regular maintenance services ensure your home’s air quality remains healthy and well-regulated.

Proper air quality improves breathing, lowers humidity, prevents pests, and reduces energy bills. Our indoor air service also includes the installation of products like:

  • Air purifiers, including REME Halo
  • Air scrubbers
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Filters

Let Our Air Conditioning Team Assist with HVAC Installation and Repair

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