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Many property owners mistakenly believe that humidity doesn’t play a role in their indoor comfort. Most feel surprised to learn that dry indoor air can contribute to a variety of problems for their health, furniture, and utility costs.

If you’re interested in humidifiers in Mokena, we have you covered. At Lincoln Way Heating and Cooling, our team provides complete indoor climate control services. As part of our services, we offer humidity control options, including humidity checks, unit installation, placement recommendations, and more. We’ll ensure your home or business has the right amount of moisture in the air to stay safe and comfortable year-round.

To learn more about how dry air could impact indoor comfort in your home or business, keep reading or reach out to our team by phone today.

HVAC Services Mokena

Harmful Impacts of Dry Air

Property owners often feel shocked to find out how dry their indoor air is. Most people assume, for example, that since heat evaporates water, the air in the winter is more humid than the air in the summer.

However, the opposite is true. Cold temperatures in Illinois winters zap the moisture from the air, leaving it much dryer than air in warmer seasons. When property owners run indoor heaters and furnaces, these machines pull more moisture from the air, resulting in even lower humidity levels.

A similar effect happens during the warmer seasons, as well. When property owners operate air conditioning units, the cooling process removes heat and moisture from the air. Therefore, a home or business in which the air conditioning system operates frequently or nonstop will have dry air and low humidity levels.

So why is this bad? Dry air contributes to a variety of issues, including:

  • Dry skin
  • Chapped lips
  • Increased irritation of asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Dandruff
  • Houseplant wilting
  • Cracking or splitting in leather or wood furniture
  • And more

Dry air can also raise a property owner’s utility bills. With these factors in mind, it pays to maintain proper humidity levels in your home or business

Benefits of Using Humidifiers in a Home or Business

Whole-room and whole-home humidifiers contribute significantly to indoor air quality and comfort. Among other benefits, these units provide:
  • Improved indoor temperature stabilization
  • Reduced irritation of skin conditions
  • Improved scalp condition
  • Reduced cold and allergies issues
  • Softer Skin
  • Lower utility bills
Whether you’re considering a humidifier for your health or your comfort, don’t wait. Call Lincoln Way Heating and Cooling and ask what a humidifier can do for your property today.

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